Carlos Antonio Henriquez is part of a of leadership rooted deep in Boston. Son of social justice and education activist, the late Julio Henriquez and housing chief Sandra Henriquez. At age 7, Carlos witnessed his parents’ support of former State Representative Mel King’s mayoral run in 1983.

Carlos as a teen became a member of Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, a community organizing group his father had helped found. Carlos learned the value of collaboration and resident leadership as it became the transformative force in his neighborhood the “Dudley Triangle”. Years later, Carlos became board President, helping lead the visioning process for the Kroc Center, ensuring residents had a voice and community wealth was gained through employment (construction & permanent). He also chaired the workforce development committee which with residents, ensured $15 million dollars in business captured by women and minority owned businesses.

Carlos’ experiences have made him the unique leader he is today. He has done corporate sales, managed multi-million dollar retail branches. He has served on the NAACP, the Urban Leagues Young Professional Network, the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s One in 3 board, Boston Connects, service director for Former City Council President Michael Flaherty and serving as State Representative of the 5th Suffolk neighborhoods of Roxbury and Dorchester.

His grassroots upbringing and corporate & civic involvement gives Carlos a strong commitment to the community and the tools and skills to organize, empower and lead towards actual results.

Carlos stands on the shoulders of the City’s giants whom he learned from and some whom he still leans on for support and knowledge.