The Boston City Council

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The 13 councilors create, pass, and amend local laws, as well as approve the City’s budget every year.

The City Council serves as a link between the citizens of Boston and their municipal government. Councilors help constituents by connecting them to resources, services, and City departments. They serve as advocates for all Bostonians.

The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Boston. Councilors are elected every two years by the citizens of Boston. The council is made up of four at-large councilors that represent the entire City, and nine district councilors that represent specific areas of the City.

I am a candidate running for one of the nine district seats. District 7 is made up of all of Roxbury, parts of Dorchester, parts of the South End and Fenway. It is a diverse district with the majority being working class families and individuals of color.

Approximately 60,000 residents make up the district. Many of the issues faced by residents are long standing as well as systemic.
And to be fair, some of the issues cannot be successfully influenced by a city councilor alone.

However, much can be done to improve the quality of life, make information and resources more readily available, improve neighborhood infrastructure, examine city policy and practices in ways that empower resident to lead.

I believe that leadership needs to be honest about what can be achieved and sharing how.
I believe that we the residents of district 7 need more than just talk. We need measurable results.

So let’s continue the conversation. Feel free to share your expectations, ideas and questions.

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